Are the watches water-proof?

Included in the description of each watch is the manufacturer’s rating of its water resistance. Please note that water resistance does not mean water proof. Below is a guide on the water resistant ratings of watches:

• Water Resistant: - Should survive a splash or rain

• 30M Water Resistant: - Should survive a quick dunk in a sink or bath

• 50 - 100M Water Resistant: - Should be fine for swimming and general water use but not diving.

• 200M+ Water Resistant: - Fine for everything including diving. However it should not be used for depths that require helium.

Hot water:

Watches should never be immersed in hot water such as a spa, domestic bath or shower, irrespective of the water resistance rating.

Do you sell replacement straps?

No sorry we don't, the range of straps for various makes and models sold over the years is simply too large and we leave this to other suppliers.

How are the watches packaged?

All watches are delivered in the manufacturer's packaging. Due to the delivery process some packaging may be imperfect. The watches themselves will be blemish free and in perfect working condition.

What about the user guide?

Watches will be supplied with instruction guides in English.

If you have lost your user guide, you can download the Casio and Timex manuals from the following manufacturers' websites:

View CASIO or TIMEX manuals.

Can I adjust the strap myself?

Some metal bracelet watches may require sizing by a jeweller to remove links, and the watches are described as; "may require jeweller to adjust”. Watches with expansion bands accommodate a wide range of wrist sizes but may sometimes require resizing by a professional.

If you require re-sizing by a jeweller, we recommend that you obtain a quote before proceeding.

How long will the battery last?

Watch batteries usually last 2 to 10 years, dependant upon the model. Batteries are not covered under our guarantee, although all watches will be in working order when delivered.

What's happened to my order?

Please notify us within 2 weeks from the date of your order if you do not receive it. We can then trace the parcel and make sure you receive what was ordered.

How does magnetism affect quartz watches?

It doesn't usually affect digital quartz watches, but it can affect analog watches, which use a tiny electric motor to turn the hands. Powerful magnetism can affect the performance of this motor. Although analogue watches may gain time, lose time, or even stop under the influence of powerful magnetic fields, they will usually return to normal time-keeping as soon as they leave the source of magnetism.

Avoid putting your watch near medical equipment, headphones, speakers, or refrigerator door magnets. Electric mixers and blenders and a wide range of other electrical equipment may also have strong enough magnetism to affect timekeeping. If you sleep on a Biomag magnetic underlay, we recommended that you do not wear your watch in the bed as the magnets in the underlay can affect the timekeeping of quartz analogue watches.